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Digital Print


Digital Print is very Cost Effective for Low Volume Print whilst Litho Print is more Cost Effective for Larger Volume. D&D use the most advanced Digital Printers (very high quality) and up to 10 Colour Litho Print Machines: - Advantages of Digital Printing: Each Litho print run takes a long time to setup, digital presses, however, can be setup quickly and are capable of enabling next day, or even same day delivery. Shorter turnaround. Cheaper on Small Volumes.


Offset Lithography Printing


High Image Quality. Higher Quality than Digital. The unit cost goes down as the quantity goes up. Many commercially-printed books, brochures, business forms, catalogues, labels, letterhead, newspapers, magazines, posters, product packaging and stationery are produced using offset lithography. Lithography is popular due to its low cost and versatility, and the high quality of its results, which have smooth & clear images.





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